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Looking to become a data scientist? Make sure you get the best Data Science training in Bangalore! Our experienced professionals will help you learn all the ins and outs of this fascinating field. Become a valuable asset for any business with our comprehensive course.

I am delighted to welcome you into the course of Data Science. In this course, you will learn both the basics of conducting data science and how to perform data analysis in python. Prerequisites This course is intended for learners who have a basic knowledge of programming in any  language (Java, C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, JavaScript, PHP, python, etc.).

Looking for the best data science training in Bangalore? Look no further than Ria Classroom! Our experienced instructors will help you gain the skills you need to succeed in this exciting field.

Best Data Science Training in Bangalore Course Overview : First, and foremost, you’ll learn how to conduct data science by learning how to analyse data. That includes knowing how to import data, explore it, analyse it, learn from it, visualize it, and ultimately generate easily shareable reports. We’ll also introduce you to two powerful areas of data analysis: machine learning and natural language processing

To conduct data analysis, you’ll learn a collection of powerful, opensource, tools including:
● python
● jupyter notebooks
● pandas
● numpy
● matplotlib
● scikit learn
● nltk
● And many other tools

Learning Objectives
● Basic process of data science
● Python and Jupyter notebooks
● An applied understanding of how to manipulate and analyse uncurated datasets
● Basic statistical analysis and machine learning methods
● How to effectively visualize results

By the end of the course, you should be able to find a dataset, formulate a research question, use the tools and techniques of this course to explore the answer to that question and share your findings Course Outline  The course is broken into 16 weeks. The beginning of the course is heavily focused on learning the basic tools of data science, but we firmly believe that you learn the most about data science by doing data science. So, the latter half of the course is a combination of working on large projects  and introductions to advanced data analysis techniques.


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Looking to become a data scientist? Our comprehensive, hands-on training course will give you the skills you need to succeed in this exciting field. Our center offers the best Data Science training in Bangalore. With experienced instructors and a focus on real-world applications, our program provides you with everything you need to start down your path to success.

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Course Content - Best Data Science Training in Bangalore

● Python – Variables and data types
● Python – Data Structures in Python
● Python – Functions and methods
● Python – If statements
● Python – Loops
● Python – Python syntax essentials
● Python – Writing/Reading/Appending to a file
● Python – Common pythonic errors
● Python – Getting user Input
● Python – Stats with python
● Python – Module Import
● Python – List and Multidimensional lists
● Python – Reading from CSV
● Python – Multi Line Print
● Python – Dictionaries
● Python – Built in functions
● Python – Built in Modules

Python Numpy – Introduction
● Python Numpy – Creating an Array
● Python Numpy – Reading Text Files
● Python Numpy – Array Indexing
● Python Numpy – N-Dimensional Arrays
● Python Numpy – Data Types
● Python Numpy – Array Math
● Python Numpy – Array Methods
● Python Numpy – Array Comparison and Filtering
● Python Numpy – Reshaping and Combining Arrays

●Python Pandas – Introduction
●Introduction to Data Structures
●Python Pandas – Series
●Python Pandas – DataFrame
●Python Pandas – Basic Functionality
●Python Pandas – Descriptive Statistics
●Python Pandas – Indexing and Selecting Data
●Python Pandas – Function Application
●Python Pandas – Reindexing
●Python Pandas – Iteration
●Python Pandas – Sorting
●Python Pandas – Working with Text Data
●Python Pandas – Options and Customization
●Python Pandas – Missing Data
●Python Pandas – GroupBy
●Python Pandas – Merging/Joining
●Python Pandas – Concatenation
●Python Pandas – IO Tools
●Python Pandas – Dates Conversion

Introduction to R Programming
● Importance of R
● Data Types and Variables in R
● Operators in R
● Conditional Statements in R
● Loops in R
● R script and Functions in R
● Building Web Application using Rshinny

● Install SQL packages and Connecting to DB
● Basics of SQL DB, Primary key, Foreign Key
● SELECT SQL command, WHERE Condition
● Retrieving Data with SELECT SQL command and WHERE Condition to Pandas
Data frame
● Left Join, Right Joins, Multiple Joins

● What is Machine Learning
● Types of Machine Learning
● Applications of Machine Learning
● Supervised vs Unsupervised learning
● Classification vs Regression
● Training and testing Data
● features and labels

● Introduction
● Introducing the form of simple linear regression
● Estimating linear model coefficients
● Interpreting model coefficients
● Using the model for prediction
● Plotting the “least squares” line
● Quantifying confidence in the model
● Identifying “significant” coefficients using hypothesis testing and pvalues
● Assessing how well the model fits the observed data
● Extending simple linear regression to include multiple predictors
● Comparing feature selection techniques: R-squared, p-values, crossvalidation
● Creating “dummy variables” (using pandas) to handle categorical

● Refresh your memory on how to do linear regression in scikit-learn
● Attempt to use linear regression for classification
● Show you why logistic regression is a better alternative for
● Brief overview of probability, odds, e, log, and log-odds
● Explain the form of logistic regression
● Explain how to interpret logistic regression coefficients
● Demonstrate how logistic regression works with categorical features
● Compare logistic regression with other models

● Introduction
● Tuning parameters
● Kernel
● Regularization
● Gamma
● Margin
● Classification Example

● Introduction
● Working Example

● Introduction
● Unsupervised Learning
● K-Means Algorithm
● Optimization Objective
● Random Initialization
● Choosing the number of clusters

● Introduction
● Working Example

● Introduction
● Cost Function
● Backpropagation Algorithm
● Working Example

● Introduction to NLTK
● Stop words
● Stemming
● Lemmatization
● Named entity recognition
● Text classification
● Sentiment analysis

● Python Project -Introduction
● Python Project -Housing Data Set
● Python Project -Understand the problem
● Python Project -Hypothesis Generation
● Python Project -Get Data
● Python Project -Data Exploration
● Python Project -Data Pre-Processing
● Python Project -Feature Engineering
● Python Project -Model Training
● Python Project -Model Evaluation

● Introduction to the Data and Machine Learning on Google Cloud
● Recommending Products using Cloud SQL and Spark
● Predict Visitor Purchases Using BigQuery ML
● Deriving Insights from Unstructured Data using Machine Learning
● Summary

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