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Excel is the most popular software in the world. So, to get an edge over others in the corporate world, it is very important to be skilled in excel. Our advanced online Excel training program will help you do just that. You will learn all the tricks and tips needed to become a pro at Excel.

Not only that, but our trainers are some of the best in the business and will teach you everything you need to know about data science. so why wait? Get started today and join the best advanced excel training in Bangalore!

With experience in Excel, you will be able to use spreadsheets for processing large quantities of data relevant towards business tasks.

More advanced Excel skills include useful formulas and functions like SUM, AVERAGE or PRODUCT for efficient use of spreadsheets. intermediate users should also be familiar with charts.

With a deep understanding of Excel, you can use the program to process large quantities data relevant for business tasks.

With Excel, you have the ability to perform all sorts of different tasks. You can zoom in and out; view formulas or data differently by opening cells with specific formats depending on your needs (such as numbers separate from letters); apply styles that change how various parts look like without changing what is actually displayed–and much more!

Excel is a powerful tool for any business, but it can be even more exceptional when you have mastered the formulas and VBA programming. With these skills an expert will find many uses such as analytics or simulation in order to get complex tasks done efficiently with ease.

We provide options for both online and classroom training. Ria Classroom is the center for the best Advanced Excel training in Bangalore and best online Advanced Excel training in Bangalore.

With advanced knowledge of Excel, you can process large quantities data efficiently using spreadsheets and automation.You’ll also be knowledgeable about graphs and tables which can help with your analysis process!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, hands-on Advanced excel training course in Bangalore or online advanced excel training course that will teach you everything you need to know to work with data, this is the perfect program for you.

 The trainers are experts in this field who will help you quickly master all the essential skills.

Looking for the center for the best Advanced Excel training in Bangalore?

Looking for the best Advanced Excel training in Bangalore? Look no further than Ria Classroom! Our experienced and certified trainers will help you learn everything you need to know to become a data scientist. With our hands-on approach and state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll be ready to take on any data science challenge.

Our experienced trainers will help you learn everything you need to know to start using this powerful tool. Ria Classroom offers  intensive Advanced Excel course and online advanced excel training tailored to fit your needs and schedule. We make learning fun and interesting, so you’ll be able to put your new skills into practice as soon as possible.

Our expert instructors will help you learn the ins and outs of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Excel, while our placement team helps you secure a job in your desired field.

With our industry-leading curriculum and world-class training facilities, you can be sure that you’re on the path to success. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

Our intensive Excel  training in Bangalore program will equip you with the skill  set and knowledge required to tackle big data challenges. You’ll get hands-on experience working on real time projects, so you can hit the ground running in your new career. We also provide the best online Advanced Excel training in Bangalore. Don’t miss out – enroll to the best Advanced Excel training in Bangalore today!

Looking to up your data science game? The best advanced excel training in Bangalore can help. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to work with large datasets and perform complex calculations. So whether you’re looking to boost your career or just want to learn a new skill, our course is perfect for you. Plus, our location in Bengaluru means you’ll have access to some of the best tech minds in the country. Come join the best advanced excel training in Bangalore and see what all the fuss is about!

This course is designed for people who are already familiar with Excel and want to take their skills to the next level. You’ll learn how to use Excel to analyze data, build models, and create dashboards. Plus, we’ll show you how to use some of the most powerful features of Excel – such as VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) – so that you can automate your work and get things done faster.

Best Advanced Excel Training in BangaloreEnroll now and boost your career!

Course Content - Best Advanced Excel Training in Bangalore

  1. Pivots and Pivot Graphs:
    1. Creating of Pivot Table
    2. Using Summary function in Pivot Table
    3. Pivot Table Calculations
    4. Creating own formulas in Pivots
    5. Grouping and Ungrouping in Pivot Tables
    6. Creating Pivot Graph
    7. Custom Filter on Pivot Table
    8. Formatting Pivot table (Removing old data, grand total, subtotal …etc.)
  2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel
  3. connect to and import from databases, files, and folders; connect to Microsoft SQL
  4. manage data relationships, optimize models for reporting with Power Query
  5. create DAX queries, create DAX formulas, create Excel formulas
  6. format PivotTables and PivotCharts, format calculated measures, filter data, group and summarize data
  7. Advanced Functions:
  8. V-Lookup
  9. H-Lookup
  10. IF
  12. Index Match
  13. Rows
  14. Columns
  15. Match
  16. Offset
  17. Get Pivot Data
  18. Date and Time Functions
  19. Text Functions
  20. Operators
  21. Mathematical functions
  22. Calculation options


  1. Working on Objects:
    1. Inserting Objects
    2. Inserting different files into Excel (like .doc, .pdf, .txt files)
    3. Hyper linking to different sheets
    4. Providing screen tips in hyper link
    5. Hyperlink to send emails
    6. Inserting symbols
    7. Sending working file to an email


  1. Data Management in Excel:


  1. Rearranging of Data
  2. Sorting by alphabets, numbers and time

Filtering Data:

  1. Using Auto filter option
  2. Custom Filtering with different options
  3. Advanced Filtering
  4. Find Unique records using advanced filtering
  5. Filter using operators AND/OR
  6. Filter by color

Grouping and Outlining Data

  1. Group and ungroup rows and columns
  2. Auto outlining the data

Freezing and Unfreezing

Data Validation:

  1. Use Data Validation in Excel
  2. Using Input Message in Data validation
  3. Using error message in Data Validation

Removing duplicate records:

  1. Remove duplicate records in a spread sheet
  2. Customize to remove the duplicate values

Split Texts:

  1. Split texts to different columns
  2. Remove special character from a string and split the string

Data Consolidation:

  1. Combining different spreadsheet using data consolidation
  2. Using summary function in data consolidation

Conditional Formatting:

  1. Use of conditional formatting
  2. Custom formatting

Copy Data:

  1. Use of format painter
  2. Use of paste special
  3. Strike through a value
  4. Find and Replace

View Multiple Files:

  1. Arrange multiple windows to view in one time.
  2. Split big sheet into sub sheets for better analysis

Working on Tab:

  1. Hide/ Unhide a tab
  2. Color a tab
  3. Move /Copy the tab to another sheet/workbook

Name Manager:

  1. Define a name to a range
  2. Use of name manager
  3. Using formulas in name manager
  4. Editing name range


  1. Data Connection from External Data:
  2. From access
  3. From SQL
  4. From Web
  5. From ODBC


  1. Customize your Excel view:
  2. Customize Excel view
  3. Developer Option
  4. Trust Centre
  5. Add-Ins
  6. Save directory options
  7. Language Setting
  8. Quick access toolbar


  1. Security options in excel:
  2. Protecting the worksheet
  3. Protecting the workbooks
  4. Sharing the workbook
  5. Allow users to edit ranges


  1. Introduction to VBA
    • What Is VBA?
    • Introduction to another languages
    • VBA: An Event Driven Programming
    • VBA: An Object Based Programming
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of VBA
    • Objects, Procedures and Properties


  1. VBA IDE
    • Opening the Excel VBA IDE
    • Menu bar
    • Toolbar
    • Project window
    • Code window
    • Immediate window
    • Customizing the VBE


  1. Getting Started With Macro
    • Recording the Macro
    • Examining the Macro
    • Saving Workbooks that contain Macros


  1. Fundamentals of VBA Language
    • Variable & Constants
    • Keywords
    • Data Types
    • Procedures: Sub and Function
    • Arguments
    • Local Vs Global Variable declaration
    • Procedures: Public or Private
    • Comments


  1. Control Flow & Loops Statements
    • Relational and Logical Operators
    • If….Then
    • If….Then….Else
    • If….Then….ElseIf….Else
    • Select Case ( with TO and with IS)
    • Do While….Loop
    • DoLoop….While
    • Do Until….Loop
    • DoLoop….Until
    • For….Next
    • For Each….Next
    • While….Wend
    • The Exit Statement


  1. Using VBA and Worksheet Functions
    • VB Functions
    • Excel Functions
    • The Workbooks Collection
    • The Sheets Collection
    • Activate and Select
    • Range Property
    • Cells Property
    • Offset Property
    • Resize Property
    • CurrentRegion Property
    • Columns and Rows Properties
    • Referencing Ranges in Other Sheets
    • Using the Union and Intersect Methods
    • Using the IsEmpty Function
    • Using the Areas Collection
    • Transferring Values between Arrays and Ranges


  1. Working with Dialog Boxes and Form Objects
    • Using Labels
    • Using Text Boxes
    • Using the CommandButton Control
    • Using List Boxes
    • Using Combo Boxes
    • Using Checkboxes
    • Using Radio Buttons
    • Using Toggle Buttons
    • Using Frames
    • Using Message Boxes
    • Taking Input Using Input Boxes
    • Tabstrip
    • Using a Scrollbar as a Slider to Select Values
    • Adding Help Tips to Controls
    • Tab Order
    • Colouring the Active Control
    • Transparent Forms
    • Working with Menus and Toolbars
    • Creating Menus and Toolbars


  1. Handling Errors
    • Types of Errors in VBA
    • Using the On Error GoTo Statement
    • Using the Resume Statement
    • Working with the Err Object





  1. The Excel Object Model
    • Introducing Classes and Objects
    • The Object Hierarchy
    • Collections
    • Referring to objects
    • Navigating Through the Hierarchy
    • Object Properties and Methods
    • Events
    • Using the With…End With Statement


  1. Arrays
    • Declaring Arrays
    • Specifying Limits
    • Array function
    • Two Dimensional Arrays
    • Multi Dimensional Arrays
    • Dynamic Arrays


  1. The Application Object
    • Globals
    • The Active Properties
    • Display Alerts
    • Screen Updating
    • Evaluate
    • StatusBar
    • Send Keys
    • OnTime & On Key


  1. Data Lists
    • Sorting a Range
    • Creating a Table
    • Sorting a Table
    • AutoFilter

How should you chose the software center for the best advanced Excel Training in Bangalore?

As an accountant, you may be required to use Excel for various purposes such as creating graphs and tracking financial data. If you need to improve your Excel skills, it is important to choose the best Excel training institute in Bangalore.

Microsoft Excel is a software application that is widely used in businesses and organizations. If you want to learn how to use Excel effectively, it is important to choose the best center for advanced Excel training in Bangalore.

There are many institutes that offer Excel training, but not all of them are equal. You need to find an institute that offers a comprehensive course that covers all the features of Microsoft Excel. The instructors at the institute should also be experienced and qualified.

Make sure you check out the reviews of past students before choosing an institute. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family members who have taken Excel training/ online advanced excel training courses.

Ultimately, it is important to choose an institute that will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a excel guru!

In order to find the right institute for advanced excel training in Bangalore, consider your needs and budget. You should also research different institutes to find the one that offers the best training program and facilities.

Bangalore is a city that is known for its tech industry. If you are looking for excel training in Bangalore, or online advanced excel training course there are many institutes to choose from.

However, not all of these institutes are created equal. So how should you chose the best advanced excel training institute in Bangalore?

One key criterion to consider is the quality of the trainers. The best trainers will have a deep understanding of Excel and will be able to teach you not just the basics, but also more advanced concepts.

Another important criterion is the course content. Make sure that the institute offers courses that cover all the important topics, including formulas, charts and macros.

Finally, make sure that the institute has a good reputation and that past students have been happy with their experience. By considering these factors, Ria Classroom is your one-stop destination!

advanced excel training in bangalore
best advanced excel training in bangalore
Advanced Excel

The advanced excel course provides you with an in-depth understanding of the different features and functions of Microsoft Excel.

This will help you to improve your productivity at work by allowing you to efficiently create and manage spreadsheets.

The course also includes tips and tricks on how to use Excel to its full potential. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Excel.

Excel is a powerful tool for those who work with multinational companies and its used to create financial reports like budgeting, forecasting ratios analysis models etc., Excel users can prepare complicated worksheets by utilizing different formulas within the program which helps them complete their tasks effectively.

Maintaining excellent organization skills while working on complex projects has never been easy but now thanks to MS excel it becomes much easier due in large measure because this software offers many benefits such as being able make links between various sheets.

Enrol to the best advanced excel training in Bangalore now and see the benefits for yourself!

No.1 Training Center in Bangalore for Advanced Excel
Students enrolled for Advanced Excel & VBA courses till date
Students placed in MNCs after course completion

Here are the top five reasons why you should join the Advanced excel training in Bangalore:

1. Excel is an important tool for data scientists. You will learn how to use Excel to manipulate and analyze data effectively in a Data science course.
2. The Data science industry is growing rapidly. There are many job opportunities available for skilled data scientists.
3. Bangalore is home to some of the best universities in India. You will get access to high-quality education and experienced instructors in a Data science institute in Bangalore.
4. The city has a vibrant tech scene with many startups and MNCs establishing their presence here. You will gain valuable networking opportunities through contacts made at the best Advanced Excel training institute in Bangalore.
5. You can be assured of getting trained by experts in this field, as we hire only the best.

Career Scope of Advanced Excel:

Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis and presentation. With the right skills, you can use Excel to unlock the secrets of your data and make better decisions for your business.

Ria Classroom will show you how to do just that. You’ll learn how to use Excel’s advanced features to analyze data, identify trends, and make predictions.

You’ll also learn how to create informative reports and presentations that will help you impress your bosses and clients. So if you’re looking to boost your career in data science, this is the course for you!

Advanced Excel
Best Advanced Excel Training in Bangalore - FAQs:

You can download the syllabus from our website.
Course duration is 40 hours, topics like Pivots and Pivot Graphs, Advanced Functions, Objects, Data management in Excel, Microsoft Excel VBA etc. will be covered.
The syllabus and study material has been prepared by industry experts.

Yes, Please call 063660 01060 to schedule a free classroom or online demo class.

Yes, we provide both classroom and online training options. In fact our online advanced excel training is the best in Bangalore.

Yes, working professionals can opt for weekend batches. Alternatively, we offer flexible batch timings for regular batches.

Our fees are very reasonable compared to other institutes and can be paid in installments.
Please call or sign up with us for more details.

How can you prepare for MS Excel certification?

Microsoft Excel certification is an important step in your career. It shows that you have the skills and knowledge to use this software effectively in a business setting. Whether you are looking for a new job or want to move up within your current company, having this certification can help you achieve your goals. Earning your Microsoft Excel certification is not difficult, but it does require some time and effort. The best way to prepare for the exam is to use practice questions and study guides. Once you have completed the required training, you will be ready to take the test and receive your certification.

The Microsoft Certification study guide before enrolling for the MOS exam is highly recommended.

Visit their official site to buy reliable books including study guides that will help you prepare thoroughly and ensure your success on test day!

The MS Excel certification isn’t too difficult if one stays focused with a deep understanding of how it works, but there are many resources available now including those offered by this company which have helped thousands reach successful outcomes in recent years .

So don’t waste time trying other things until after taking these steps first because what could possibly go wrong?

To prepare for the Excel certification exam, it is important to practice with sample exams and review the goals that you may be asked about.

 These practices will not only help measure your taking skills but also give an idea on how each test varies from one another in terms or structure so when faced with a new question during actual testing day you are well prepared!

Ria Classroom is the best Institute for Advanced Excel training in bangalore and we have successfully guided hundreds of students in preparing for this certification.

Advanced Excel

You can register for Microsoft and other test preparation sites by filling out a form. You will receive documents by mail that you need to study before your certification exam!

The process only takes about one month if you’re already familiar with MS Excel, but it’s important because new features of this program require updated data analysis skills – make sure they’re up-to date enough so no problems arise during testing time frame.

You will be able to use your skills and knowledge from previous practice exams when you take the final exam. The MS Excel certification test isn’t as difficult if it’s aligned with what candidates do on jobs, which makes this more like an everyday occurrence for people who can already utilize these abilities in their work environment or personal life.

Why should you learn Microsoft Excel Course with Ria Classroom?

✓ Record success in placing candidates after course completion.
✓ Institute has tie-ups with MNCs for job placements.
✓ Dedicated placement cell with mock interviews.
✓ Certified MS Excel trainers with 10+ years of experience in top MNCs
✓ Guidance given to students to clear certifications.
✓ 100% study materials are provided and live projects are given to interested students.
✓ Classroom and online training sessions provided in MS Excel by experts.
✓ Best online advanced excel training program.
✓ New batches starting every week, choose between regular and weekend batches.

"I completed Advanced Excel and VBA course at Ria Classroom . The trainer is so friendly and knowledgeable and has guided us well, I have cleared the MS Excel certification and got a good offer. Thank you!"
Advanced Excel
Disha Patel
"The course content and learning experience is just amazing! From being a newbie and fresher just out of engineering college , I'm now an MS Excel certified professional and working as a Data Analyst in a top product based company!"
Advanced Excel
Rohit Kumar
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